30 January, 2012

Cutest Personalize-able USCG Stamps

This idea popped into my head the other night while watching my friends kid. I absolutely enjoyed designing these, and think everyone should have one. You can write whatever you want in it because each one is individually made. Personalize it further by changing the colors. Plus, they are supper affordable (especially when you think you only need to buy one for the rest of your life), and their function is so diverse...

You can stamp just about anything, but these are the ideas we had:
text books
home made tags for lunch boxes, backpacks, bags (with some colorful cardstock and some contact paper)
onesies (great for pictures!)
scrap booking
photo albums

This custom product will definitely go down as one of our favorites!

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The Distressed Flag Collection...Coming Soon

Oh its been a quiet few weeks, but not really. Its been quite a rush (in every sense of the word rush) here to debut the 3rd Koasty Kids original collection...Distressed Flag. This is the 1st of two designs that are scheduled to be released this year. Its also the second design we have that incorporates a distressed look to a familiar logo. If the shirt was a person it would be an old salty dog with an encyclopedia worth of knowledge about the maritime industry, a remarkable ability to predict the weather, and a plethora of insight on a life, love and happiness. He has a beard because it beats having to wear sunscreen, and if you look in his eyes they will tell you to sit down and shut up. I don't want to have to save your a** (you know, rhymes with brass) again. Most will overlook him, but some...some will know EXACTLY who he is and the great things he has done.

This design is defiantly one of my favorites because you can't find it anywhere - that I have been able to find anyways. Its a classic look, its fun, and it works for the whole family. I can only hope that you like it as much as I do.

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07 December, 2011

For sophisticated Coast Guardsmen (and women) only

We have a new accessory that will be a perfect little detail for your next cocktail affair. Check out these super slick Anchor Cufflinks we scored for you at a great price. They have gotten two thumbs up from every gal and guy that has seen them, and they make a perfect gift for your new grad or maybe your dad. Whoever it is, we are SURE he/she will love them.

Anchor Cufflinks - $30

Check out these and some other little things we've added lately by clicking on the following link:

Take me to the cufflinks now!

Thanks again for supporting our cause!

06 December, 2011

Great Affordable Kid's Gifts for the Holidays!

We just received this special offer from our sponsor - Discount School Supply - and of course we are going to share this one ASAP because we think arts and crafts are an intricate part of a child's development. They also conveniently double as awesome affordable gifts for kids of all ages...

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but our sales are so delightful! For one week only, shoppers can save an EXTRA 15% on select Arts & Crafts items perfect for holiday projects! Use code SHINEBIG at checkout. Hurry, offer ends December 12th!

To see all their wonderful selection of arts and crafts supplies please click on the following link:

'Tis the Season to Sparkle!

Happy Holidays!

Who doesn't like white teeth?

We found this special on Groupon and just had to share it with you...

Smiling Bright – Redeem From Home

$29 for Teeth-Whitening Kit with LED Light ($180 Value)

Teeth-Whitening Kit combines mouth tray & specialty gel with LED light that allows 
customers to whiten teeth themselves in 20 minutes.

This is the company website so you can read up on the product since we really don't know anything about it:
Smile Bright website

We liked it because it is redeemable from home, its affordable, and its something cosmetic (which means no insurance). If this is something you are interested in follow the link below:
Groupon Teeth Whitening Deal

We have no experience with this product, so we can't give you a thumbs up or thumbs down on it. BUT...if you or someone you know has had any experience with this product please feel free to leave comments about this post!